Q: How many design can I use when I order
A: 50 buttons get to use 1 design.
100 buttons get to use 1 design.
250 buttons get to use 2 design.
500 buttons get to use 5 design.
1000 buttons get to use 10 design.

use of extra design will cost $2 more.
Q:do you have any setup fee
A: no, every else does if you want to pay them.
Q:What resolution would the images have to be to send you the images? Can we send the images through e-mail?
A: you have set up your image first with the template from this site. then send me an image at 300 dpi or 600 dpi. try sending jpg or gif.
Q:Instead of paying for S+H, is it possible to pick up the order/buttons ourselves? If so, where are you located?
A: you can pick them up if you want to save on shipping. I am in Garden Grove, Ca.

E-mail me info@mbuttons.com
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