Please download one of our Adobe Illustrator™ or Photoshop™ templates to prepare your artwork. If you do not use one of our templates your artwork MUST meet the following guidelines.

- Photoshop .TIF or .PSD files: if you are sending pixel image artwork set up your files at 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution in CMYK or Greyscale color mode with a bleed. Rasterize any layers containing text. No files under 300 dpi will be accepted.

-Illustrator .EPS, .PDF, and .AI files: - vector artwork files should be saved with all fonts converted to outlines. Prepare your files in CMYK color mode. If your file has placed or linked images, be sure to embed them when saving the file. If using version CS2, please save your files for compatibility with Illustrator CS.

-Windows PC users - choose Macintosh byte order when saving .TIF files from Adobe Photoshop™. From Illustrator, save your file as an Adobe PDF with the "preserve Illustrator editing capabilities" option selected.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT – GIF files, JPEG images from the Internet, or files saved in RGB color mode. (they will not print properly in this format)

Download Templates
1" Buttons - Photoshop
1.5" Buttons - Photoshop
2.25" Buttons - Photoshop
3" Buttons - Photoshop

1" Buttons - TIF
1.5" Buttons - TIF
2.25" Buttons - TIF
3" Buttons - TIF
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Be sure to use current versions of the following software tools:


If you are not using our templates, use the following dimensions when setting up your artwork. The proper amount of bleed makes your artwork wrap completely around the edges of your button.

1" = bleed area: 1.3"

1.5" = bleed area: 1.843

2.25" = bleed area: 2.627"

3" = bleed area: 3.45"

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